When Samsung’s new phones won’t get you fired

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 in September last year, many were quick to take notice of the phone’s dual camera setup, which was only available on the phone itself.

While Samsung claims that it doesn’t need to add more cameras to the device to capture the perfect image, it’s easy to see why some may find that camera setup to be cumbersome.

With the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has made a number of major improvements to the camera experience, from a new dual camera sensor to an improved optical zoom feature.

The Note 5 features a 4K Super AMOLED display, and that’s only a small part of what makes the Galaxy Series 5 smartphone special.

The Samsung Galaxy Series series is the only phone Samsung has launched with a 4k display, which means the Note 5 doesn’t support the same resolution as other high-end smartphones like the Galaxy J5 and the Galaxy Alpha.

This means that while the Note Series 5 is the best phone Samsung’s made, it won’t necessarily be the best choice for everyone.

Read moreThe Note 5 is available for purchase on the Samsung Store in the UK, Canada and Australia, and the phone has a starting price of £399, but if you’re not keen to shell out that much, the company is also selling the phone for £349.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Plus are also available for sale, with the S6 series coming in at a similar price.

The S6 Plus comes with the same 3,000mAh battery as the S5 and comes in a range of colors, but it doesn-t feature the dual camera technology.

Samsung has also released a new version of the S7 series, which is due to launch in the next few weeks.

The Series 5 will be Samsung’s second flagship smartphone to have a 4,000mAH battery, following the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A6.

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