When Japans first went to the Olympics, electronic cigarette manufacturers were not allowed to advertise on TV or radio as part of their business model

The first electronic cigarette was invented in Japan, and by the early 1990s, the world was a smoking haven.

Now the nation is on track to be the world’s largest cigarette market, with e-cigarettes making up 10% of all cigarette sales in Japan.

The e-cigarette is a vaporizer designed to take the nicotine out of cigarettes and deliver a nicotine-free vapour.

They are often sold in Japan as “tobacco” cigarettes, but they are not, say manufacturers, like they are in the US.

The Japanese government has cracked down on e-cig sales.

In the past year, it has imposed taxes on e.cig sales, banned online sales and launched an investigation into whether electronic cigarettes contain nicotine.

It’s a big deal, says J. Scott Taylor, professor of public health at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

But the Japanese government hasn’t made the e-cigs legal yet.

And it hasn’t yet set up a government-run e-smoking market.

Taylor says it is possible e-liquid and other ingredients in e-tobaccos could be inhaled and potentially contribute to lung cancer.

The government has banned all electronic cigarettes on television and radio and the internet.

The country’s Ministry of Health has banned advertising on television, radio and in the media.

But the government is trying to get the word out that electronic cigarettes are a danger to smokers.

“The Japanese government is concerned that they might be causing harm to smokers,” Taylor says.

“And they are trying to convince the public that electronic cigarette use is safe.

But it’s still an open question.

We’re just the first ones to come on the scene.””

I think it’s important to remember that the electronic cigarette market in Japan is relatively small compared to other countries in the world.

We’re just the first ones to come on the scene.”

A new industryThe Japanese e-juice industry has been growing for years, fueled by demand for a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Japan’s tobacco industry has fallen from over 60% of the country’s GDP to under 25% as of last year, according to the World Bank.

In recent years, the Japanese economy has also been struggling.

Japan is the world leader in smoking and cigarette-related death rates.

In 2015, nearly 70% of Japanese men who smoked cigarettes had used nicotine replacement therapies, according a survey by the National Institute of Health.

There are now about 2,000 companies in Japan that produce electronic cigarettes.

They range from small-time makers to big players like Procig, which is in charge of manufacturing the largest brands like Vape Wild and Liquid E-Juice.

The company has about 1,300 employees in Japan and has about 300 employees in China, according the company’s website.

The Japanese market has been a hotbed for e-Cig sales.

The government’s Tobacco Control Agency estimates that nearly one million Japanese people have tried electronic cigarettes since 2012.

The number of e-smokers in Japan has jumped by almost 60% in the past five years, and some estimates put the number of electronic cigarette users in the country at over 10 million.

The growth of e ofcigarette and vaping has helped the Japanese e cigarette industry grow from just a few companies in the early 2000s to about 1 million in 2015, says Akira Fujii, chief executive of VapeWild, the countrys largest e-e-cigarette distributor.

“We have almost 500,000 members in Japan right now,” he says.

“People in Japan are more interested in the health benefits of smoking than the nicotine,” Fujii says.

But he also says the popularity of e cigarettes has created an opportunity for tobacco companies to compete in the global e-pipeline market.

The biggest e-vapor brand in Japan—Vape Wild—is a joint venture between Procig and Tokyo-based vape company Vape Factory.

It has been selling vapor products for over two years and now has a presence in Japan’s biggest cities.

In October, the company was ranked first in the category of most profitable e-commerce businesses, and last year was named the second best e-store by e-french retail site Euromonitor.

Vape Factory is also the largest manufacturer of ejuice in Japan with about 3,000 stores across the country.

But Procig is the leader in the ejuicing business.

The e-shop was founded in 2000 and has grown to about 5,000 locations worldwide.

“We’re seeing a lot of competition,” Fujini says.

In recent years the Japanese vaping market has grown, and it has exploded in popularity.

In 2016, there were about 6,700 electronic cigarette shops in Japan alone, up from 4,200 in 2016.

About 10% were in urban areas, according data

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