What is the ‘f’ in ‘fritter’?

The word ‘futter’ is an English word that refers to a small, round piece of metal, usually copper, that’s commonly used in electronics.

The word comes from the Greek word for ‘piece of metal,’ fritter.

Futter is an important part of the history of electronics and, in its early days, it was used as an acronym for ‘fiberglass’.

It was a common term for a glass fibre.

In the 1960s, a group of physicists started experimenting with making glass fibre, and the name became fritters.

In the early 1970s, it started to be used to describe electronic components.

Futter, however, is also sometimes used as a generic term for all types of glass, even copper.

“Futter” means to cut or cut through, according to Wikipedia.

The word fritting refers to cutting or cutting through the glass material, according Wikipedia.

Futter is used to indicate that something has been cut through or that something is being cut through.

But if you have a piece of glass that’s being frittered, it is also being cut by the frittering.

Fritters are not the same as cutting.

A fritTER (for ‘cutting through’) is a device that is used for fritzing glass.

It can be used for cutting or friting glass.

A fritSTER (for fritzer) is a cutting tool for cutting glass.

There are three types of fritterers:A futterER (for cut-through fitter) is similar to a cut-away fitter, but a futtererER (cutting-away) is made from a plastic casing that has been made to fit into the fitter.

A fitterER (fitter) can also be used as either a cutter or a fitter (cut-through) fitter for cutting metal.

It is a more common term used for a cutting-away, cutting-through, or fitter type fitter that is not an futter.

A cutter or fiter is a tool that is generally used for making or breaking glass, such as a hammer or chisel.

You can find more frit TERs here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitter_(cutting)

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