The biggest and most mysterious of the helium-3 stars is now a hot spot for electrons.

By Brian Moran and Jonathan Cheng/APA, and AFP/Getty Images.

The most mysterious and tantalizing of the universe’s hottest stars, called GJ 854, is now the site of an intense search for electrons, according to a new study.

The researchers, led by University of Toronto researchers Daniel Molnar and David Fong, say the discovery, detailed Monday in the journal Science, offers a tantalizing glimpse into how stars evolve and evolve to produce gases like helium-4 and helium-5.

The finding will also help scientists better understand how stars develop hydrogen bonds with one another.

The helium-1 star, which orbits a black hole at the center of a black-hole merger, emits a burst of high-energy particles that are thought to be produced by a star’s core.

They’re the building blocks of stars.

But unlike other stars, GJ854 doesn’t have a central core, which means the stars’ outermost layer is not actually material from the star itself.

Instead, it’s an exotic gas that has never been observed before.

The gas is so dense that the light that comes out of it is about four orders of magnitude brighter than any other light in the universe.

The researchers were surprised by this.

They didn’t know if the gas was solid, gas or both.

But they suspected that the gas could be made up of helium-2 and helium in a process called evaporation.

Evaporation is an internal process in stars, in which electrons (which are hydrogen atoms) are expelled from the center, creating gas in the process.

The process also creates hot gas at the edges of the gas, which can become a source of new helium-rich materials.

This process is known as accretion.

The astronomers noticed that in a hot gas like GJ0854, the stars cores are moving away from each other, and the gas starts to evaporate.

The authors speculate that this is due to the high energy and the large amount of gas in GJ 0854.

The gas that is produced is a mixture of hydrogen and helium, which makes it the most exotic gas known to scientists.

But the scientists didn’t yet know how to detect the helium and how to measure its temperature.

The new study uses the most sensitive X-ray spectrometer in the world, which has a sensitivity of about 2,000 kelvins (1,000 times stronger than the Hubble Space Telescope).

This allows scientists to directly measure the gases temperature and temperature fluctuations.

The study also uses data from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, which detects infrared light from the stars.

The team used a method called “exothermic X-rays,” which measures the intensity of light emitted by electrons moving through gas.

This is a very useful method because it gives scientists a very precise way to measure temperature changes in gases.

But the researchers used different techniques to look at the gases.

To do this, they measured the X-rays at different temperatures in different parts of the star.

In some parts of GJ’s core, they found that it emitted infrared light, but in other parts, they didn’t detect the light.

This allowed the researchers to measure the gas’s temperature by looking at the X to infrared spectra of the gases, which they found to be slightly different at different points.

They could then compare the temperature differences to those of the stars core.

The findings are exciting because the helium is actually the most important element in Gj 854’s core — a process that is not normally thought to occur in stars.

But because of this, the gas is a fascinating target for studying the evolution of stars in the future.

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