L-DACs are being used to reduce the amount of energy that the electric grid uses

A group of researchers from Israel and the United States is developing electric-lock technology that would provide energy-saving solutions to plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) in Israel and reduce the use of electricity that is used to generate the electrical grid.

According to the report, “Electricity-Saving Device (EDD) L-dacs (Light-Duty-Agency) are battery-powered, high-efficiency and low-voltage rechargeable lithium ion batteries that can store and re-charge their charge when necessary.

They are the first energy-efficient, low-cost rechargeable Li-ion batteries.”

The report’s authors, Yossi Eitan, Shlomo Ben-Aviv and David Eitan from the Tel Aviv University, say that the devices would provide electricity-saving technology to plug in electric vehicles in Israel, but also could be used to supply energy to electric vehicles outside of Israel, like the European Union.

“The EEDL batteries are a promising technology that could reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions associated with the operation of electric vehicles,” they said.

“While the current technology is quite advanced, its design is still far from optimal and needs further improvements to achieve its full potential.

A better technology for reducing the energy usage of EVs is urgently needed.”

They say the EEDD technology would also reduce the environmental impact of electric vehicle charging.

“With the recent technological advances in lithium-ion battery technology, we have the opportunity to offer solutions that reduce the emission of CO2 and the greenhouse gas emissions associated.

The EEDS technology would greatly benefit from further development, but its practicality and the practicality of its operation have yet to be assessed,” they wrote.

According the report’s results, the L-Lack battery is capable of storing a total of 400W of energy when charged, and could be converted into 100W of electricity by switching to the “reduced capacity” mode.

Eitan said the technology is currently used in Israeli and US vehicles, including the Nissan Leaf.

The technology would be a breakthrough in battery technology that has already been tested in Israel’s commercial fleet, and is expected to be applied to other countries soon, he said.

The Israeli government has previously promised to invest $1.6 billion in energy-saving technologies over the next five years, and the country has set an ambitious target of reducing its energy consumption to 20% of its pre-industrial levels by 2030.

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