ihSS electronic timesheet is ‘not correct’ on Obama’s ‘dead’ $3.2 trillion stimulus bill

The U.S. government’s electronic timeshets for stimulus bills have been “not correct” and may lead to “more mistakes than we can afford to make,” according to an assessment by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The report says the electronic versions of the spending bills were issued by the White House on Aug. 1, which would mean that the government didn’t have to “correct” the information in its own time-sheets for months.

The GAO report said the administration had been working on the reports for months, which led to a “lack of transparency.”

The report was released on Tuesday, days after the White-House announced the $3 trillion stimulus package had reached the Senate floor.

The CBO and White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Senate Finance Committee’s budget chairman, Ron Wyden, called the report “a clear indication of the government’s inability to do its job.”

“We have an information deficit.

This is not a budget deficit,” he said.

“This is a government information deficit.”

The CBO is the agency responsible for creating and publishing budget information.

The agency released its analysis of the stimulus bills on Monday, saying the data was “not accurate.”

It said the government spent about $7.6 trillion on stimulus projects over the last three years.

The Obama administration has said it has already spent about half that amount.

The White House said the report is “based on incomplete data.”

The government’s Electronic Timesheets have been used by the government for more than a decade, and the GAO said the technology was not yet up to date for the stimulus bill.

The administration released a new report that said the data used for stimulus funding was outdated.

The new report found the government had spent about 1.7 trillion dollars on stimulus over the past three years, and said the spending was “at least partly responsible” for the nation’s current $18 trillion debt.

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