How to use the Ga-Ener Electronics Configuration Guide to Control Electric Cars

Ga-electronics configuration guide for electric cars to tune for better performance and fuel economy.

(1) It will be available at most auto stores, gas stations and car rental stores in the United States, the European Union and Japan, the company said.

(2) It is available in three different configurations, a standard configuration, an e-factory configuration and an all-electric configuration.

(3) It can be used on electric vehicles, including hybrids, all-wheel drive, electric vehicles with a battery or hybrid system, and electric vehicles without a battery.

(4) It allows users to adjust the electric vehicle powertrain’s powertrain parameters by using various electronic control settings.

(5) Users can choose between three modes: 1.

All-electric mode with an all electric drivetrain.


Hybrid mode with no electric drive.


All electric mode with a hybrid drivetrain only.

(6) Users will also be able to choose between two battery types, a lithium ion or nickel-metal hydride.

(7) It has a maximum range of 300 miles (480 km) and a battery capacity of about 150 kilowatts.

(8) Users need a high-quality electric motor for the system to work.

(9) Users should be careful about the power source and be careful not to drive it too hard.

(10) The company said it will introduce new versions of the GaE-electronic control software software, including a new software version that will allow customers to customize the system.

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