How to use chlorine atoms to make a new type of electron, by Zn electron

Posted September 08, 2018 08:30:14 A new type for the electron is emerging.

This one has a positive electron, and a negative electron, with the same charge, says chemist Zn-electron-sensing scientist Dr. Paul Cigarro at the Universidad de Chile.

“This is the first new type since the 1950s,” he told the IEEE Spectrum.

The electron, which looks like a long thin ribbon, emits an electron beam when its nucleus interacts with a chlorine atom.

“We use the chlorine atom to form a double helix,” says Cigarro, adding that the process is much faster than with ordinary electron beams.

The new electron has a negative charge.

Cigarro’s team used this new electron beam to produce an electric field that can be used to measure the charge of the chlorine atoms.

Cigarros team has now made two new types of electrons, the first is the negative charge electron, the second is the positive charge electron.

The positive charge has an electric charge of 0.5, but the negative one is 1.5.

“The positive charge is the best,” says Dr. Carlos Menezes, the lead author of the study.

The chlorine atoms have no magnetic field. “

But they are very difficult to create.

The chlorine atoms have no magnetic field.

So we have to use a magnetic field to make the electron beam.”

The double helical electron has an electron charge of 2.5 on the scale of electrons.

Dr. Cigaro and his team used the new double helicelike electron to create a new, positive electron.

In the lab, the team has shown that it can be made from ordinary electrons.

The double-hard electron was found in a gas that contains the carbon atoms that make up oxygen, methane, and hydrogen.

It’s not the first time that researchers have created electron beams using carbon.

In 2013, the researchers used an electron with a carbon atom in its nucleus to create an electron that had an electric voltage.

But the process took about 20 hours and was expensive, said Cigarro.

“That’s a lot of time and energy for an electron,” he said.

The team also had to use two different types of carbon atoms to produce the electron.

“In this study, we have been able to produce a single-atom carbon atom, and it was a great improvement over the carbon atom that we had previously used,” he added.

“It has the advantages of having a single carbon atom instead of two carbon atoms.”

The team used electron beams from this new material to create more than 1,000 electron beams, and the total number of electron beams produced was more than 4,000.

“Our beam is not a standard electron beam, but rather an electron-sensitized, light-emitting atom, which is what gives it the properties of an electron.”

The researchers hope to find a better way to make these new electrons.

“As we develop the technology to make better electron beams in the future, we will be able to improve them with better materials,” said Cigaro.

The research was published in the Journal of Physics: General Topics.

Cigero is now working with researchers at the University of Manchester to create another type of positive electron with more hydrogen atoms, which he says will make it easier to make positive charge electrons.

Cigaru also plans to develop a type of negative charge particle that can absorb electrons in the gas.

The work was funded by the European Union and the European Research Council.

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