How to protect your online life from hackers

Hacker attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and widespread, which means there’s no good way to protect yourself online, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The foundation has released an extensive list of recommendations on how to avoid becoming a victim of such attacks.

Here are some of the top suggestions.


Always remember your security settings.

You can always change your security options to more secure ones.

If you use a proxy server, consider switching to one that only allows you to access the website from your device.


Always use HTTPS Everywhere.

This means you should always set up HTTPS Everywhere on your computer to secure your connection.


Do your research.

Learn about the cybersecurity threats facing the Internet.

Do a search on the subject, and look for reputable sites with security recommendations.


Consider upgrading to a strong password.

For most people, this means changing the password to at least six characters long and a random word or number.

Some people say this is enough.

Others say it’s enough to change their password every four years.

But if you have multiple accounts and don’t want to spend the time to memorize the password, a strong and unique password is more important than ever.


Consider using multiple email accounts.

This is one of the most important tips we’ve learned about protecting your online identity.

You should always use multiple email addresses on your email accounts, whether for personal or professional purposes.

This helps ensure that your information is accessible in the event of a compromise.


Don’t share sensitive information.

If hackers try to gain access to your account, you should encrypt everything you send and receive, including email and other files.


Keep your online privacy settings in place.

If possible, keep your browser, email, and other online services up-to-date.


Set up a secure browser.

If a hacker tries to gain the credentials for your account or try to access your sensitive information, you can block access to the site by disabling browser-based access.

This may also be helpful if you don’t have a password for a specific website.


Keep yourself updated on cyberthreats.

Stay up-front with the threats facing you.

Stay informed about what’s happening online by signing up for our newsletter, the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s cybersecurity newsletter.

You may also subscribe to the Cybersecurity newsletter and follow our alerts to learn more about cyberattacks.


Don the hat.

If someone has hacked your account and your information, they’re probably trying to get at your online reputation.

The Electronic Frontier foundation recommends wearing a hat and a hoodie or long sleeve shirt.

This can help protect your identity when people try to reach you.

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