How to make your own Walmart electronics store

WalMart is adding a new type of electronics store at the new U.S. store in the mall’s main entrance.

The store will feature a selection of electronics items that include Apple products, but the electronics department will also feature a full assortment of products from other retailers.

“Walmart has been incredibly supportive of the new store and its creation, and we’re looking forward to providing our customers with an innovative and exciting way to shop and shop for products and services they deserve,” CEO Doug McMillon said in a statement.

The U.K. store opened in November.

The retail giant is adding two stores in the U.N. building on the mall site.

The first is planned to open next month.

WalMart said it is working with the mall to design a “further expansion” of the U,S.

and U.O. stores to make it more convenient for shoppers to walk from one store to another.