How to Make a Bigger Bible with less!

source The Associated Press article article article title The Bible was originally printed on 8.5-inch paper and sold in bookstores around the world for $1,500.

Now, a team of scientists is hoping to create a new type of Bible that could cost less and be more portable, a project that has the potential to radically change the way people read and store their faith.

The book’s creators, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, are aiming to produce a Bible that’s smaller than its predecessor, the 6.5 inches of paper, and smaller than other traditional Bible books.

Their goal is to create the smallest Bible available for reading.

The team hopes that by reducing the size of the paper, the new book will be able to fit in a backpack and carry with it more than 50 books of the Bible, many of which were written in a series of smaller books.

This will be possible because the paper used in the new Bible is made from carbon nanotubes, a thin material that is made of thousands of tiny nanoscale crystals that have the potential of being able to self-assemble into a 3D shape, making it very durable and strong.

This means that, by creating a smaller Bible, the team hopes to have a better chance of keeping its shape.

“We can put it in a bag that will last five years and it will look nice, it will be strong, it’s going to be durable,” said Yair Regev, a Hebrew University professor who is working with the team.

“This is the ultimate goal.

I hope that it can save the world.”

The team, known as Bible Slicers, is currently in the final stages of development of their prototype, which they hope to produce by the end of the year.

“If we can make it smaller, we can fit more of it into our backpack and it can be carried on our back or on a backpack that is bigger and will last for 10 years, that would be fantastic,” said Regegv.

“It’s an incredibly important concept.”

They also hope to create smaller versions of the books themselves, to use them as a portable Bible, and to make them more easily transportable.

“The Bible is the most important book in Judaism.

It’s the only book in the world that teaches the Jewish people about the Messiah,” said Dr. Ariane Goguen, who leads the team at Hebrew University.

“And we are trying to make it a little bit smaller and lighter, which means more space in our pockets and easier for people to carry.”

The Bible Sleeve is a product of their research and development.

It uses the same technology as the Bible sleeve used by the Hebrews.

But instead of printing the Bible on paper, it uses carbon nanomaterials that absorb the light of the sun and absorb it into the paper.

This process makes the paper thinner and lighter.

“When the light hits the carbon nanimaterials, they absorb it,” explained Regeb.

“That’s what gives the carbon a certain thickness.

That’s what makes it a light-absorbing material.”

The carbon nanorods are not just a thin sheet of paper.

The carbon fibers in the fibers absorb and absorb light, and when you have light reflected off of the carbon fiber, it gives the material a “fade-out” effect.

“In this process, you get the light reflected back to the carbon fibers, which gives you this sort of a fade-out effect,” said Goguzen.

“So you get a very nice fade-in effect, and this is what makes this Bible so light-weight.”

The Carbon Nanorods absorb light in a process known as photo-fiber nanofibering.

The process uses a thin film of carbon nanodots, or carbon nanosheets, to absorb light.

When light hits a surface, the carbon absorbs the light, making the material more resistant to the effects of reflection and fading out.

“These nanorod devices are a great way to absorb the sunlight,” said Prof. Regep.

“They’re very lightweight and they’re very strong.”

The technology was first developed in the 1990s by a team led by Prof. Michal Gurewicz of the University of Arizona, who has since retired.

“Photonic fibers are basically a way to capture light from a laser beam,” said Professor Gogud.

“To make this work with our carbon nanocrystals, you have to make a layer of these carbon fibers that is”

To make this work with our carbon nanocrystals, you have to make a layer of these carbon fibers that is

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