How to install a Raspberry Pi 3 (and more) on your desktop

The Raspberry Pi has been a key piece of computing equipment for many years, with an incredible range of components including the ARMv7 processor, Ethernet, and even a full-fledged video-streaming application.

However, in recent years, the company has been slowly getting its head around how to put the Raspberry Pi’s hardware in the hands of everyday users. 

Today, a new Raspberry Pi kit is launching on Kickstarter, and it’s aiming to help people get their hands on the hardware as quickly as possible.

The RaspberryPi3 Starter Kit aims to deliver a Pi-powered computer that can be installed on a Windows PC, a Mac, or even a Chromebook.

The kit comes with an Ethernet cable, a USB cable, and a USB-A connector, which will let you plug the RaspberryPi directly into a USB port on a computer running Linux or ChromeOS.

It also comes with a set of cables that you can plug into the Raspberry’s GPIO pins, so you can control the Pi through a Raspberry-compatible computer.

The kit is designed to allow anyone to install the Raspberry in their home or office, and the Raspberry 3 Starter Kit will ship with all of the hardware needed to make it happen.

The kit also includes a RaspberryPi 3 Model B and the Pi-Lite, a more affordable version of the Pi that has a similar footprint, but which doesn’t have a USB hub. 

The kit will be available for $99.99, which is a bit more than the original Raspberry Pi Starter Kit, which retails for $149.99.

However you choose to spend your money, the kit is aiming to be easy to set up and run, and comes with lots of pre-configured software, which should make it a very inexpensive way to get started. 

Raspberry Pi Starter kit via Kickstarter. 

[Source: Kickstarter]

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