How to get a vaping permit in South Australia

South Australia has introduced a law to allow vaping devices to be sold in public places, including cinemas, restaurants and bars.

The law will be put to a referendum on Tuesday.

It will be in place for the first time in South Australian history and will allow for people to legally purchase vaping devices in restaurants and cafes.

The bill was introduced by Labor MP Tony Zucco.

“I’m very pleased to see the government take a lead in this important area,” Mr Zuccio said.

“The Australian Vaping Society (AVS) supports the bill and we hope it will be passed.”

It is important that we do everything we can to promote vaping in Australia.

“Vaping and smoking are the most popular forms of vaping in the country, with the industry worth more than $US10 billion a year.

It has been legal in Australia since 2001.

In NSW, people can buy vaping devices at pubs, restaurants, bars and on the internet.

They must be 18 or over.

Vaping devices cannot be sold to children, under 18 or have been previously used as a cigarette.

More than 100 retailers in South-East Queensland already sell vaping devices.

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruled in September last year that smoking should be prohibited in public spaces such as pubs and cafes, including those where smoking is banned.

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