How a vintage electronic supply business could help boost Canada’s digital economy

An electronic supply store is a small business in a rural area of Saskatchewan.

It sells items from old books to new gadgets.

It makes sure it has the equipment it needs to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the modern digital age.

The store’s founder, a retired teacher, says he wants to help people around the world who are struggling to get the basics of modern life.

“I’m not trying to sell you anything,” said the retired teacher.

This is just a way of making sure my kids have a little cushion.” “

This is not the way I want to spend my life.

This is just a way of making sure my kids have a little cushion.”

The store is now open for business.

For the past decade, the shop has been in a quiet, rural area on the Saskatchewan side of the province.

The idea was to get rid of a lot of clutter and make the place a bit quieter, said Mark Tamblyn, the store’s owner.

Tamblyn said the store has been open since the spring of 2018, and it has been very popular with the locals.

He said they usually sell items from around $100 to $1,000, depending on what is being sold.

There are a lot more items now, so he said he was hoping the store could be able to keep doing well.

When he first started out, he said, he sold electronics and even a few televisions.

Then he switched to vintage electronics, but he said the prices were starting to drop.

With the store selling so many items, he felt it was time to open up a new shop, said Tamblynn.

Now, the business has expanded to include an antique shop and a few other businesses.

If you have a question about the news, you can email our newsroom.

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