Germanium-based battery is poised to take on Tesla, Apple, Sony

An American startup that has been working on making battery electrodes from a material that was invented in Germany has been granted a patent application that will allow it to take a page from the electric car giant.

The startup, Electron Energy, filed a patent Monday in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The application describes a battery made from silicon, and claims to be able to “make a wide variety of electrical circuits.”

Electron Energy was founded in 2012, and its product, Electromagnetic Energy Storage (EMES), has been a hit in the market.

EMES uses a form of graphene that’s made from an organic compound called boron nitride.

This gives the battery a strong, conductive electrical field.

Electron energy, the company claims, is much less expensive to produce than conventional batteries.

The company’s patents, which cover an array of batteries that can be used in cars, planes, airplanes and trains, are the first of its kind in the world, and could prove useful for electric vehicles.

The Electromagnetically Active Polymer battery uses a type of borohydride material that is used in the production of batteries for electric cars, such as the Tesla Model S, to conduct electricity.

Electromagnets in electric cars are designed to make the car’s batteries last longer and more efficiently.

In the patent application, ElectrX claims that it can make batteries that have the ability to “charge and discharge rapidly,” and that these batteries are also “stronger and more durable than current batteries.”

It is not clear if ElectronEnergy’s battery technology will be commercially available in the near future, but a few months ago the company’s chief scientist, Steve Condon, told the New York Times that it was working on a battery for a “high-performance electric vehicle.”

The company has received about $500,000 in funding, and Condon told the Times that the team is working on an electric car that could be ready for production in 2019.

“It’s not going to be the same as Tesla’s product,” Condon said, referring to Tesla’s Model 3.

“I think we’ll be able build a product that is going to rival Tesla’s, but I think that it will be a much more efficient and a much cheaper product.”

Electrons are also important components in modern batteries.

In order to charge a battery, the electrons need to flow from one end to the other, and the electrons in these flows must be in a certain configuration, which can be known by the electrical properties of the electrode material.

Electrons are formed by electrostatic interactions between two electrodes, and they can have an electric charge, which means they can carry a current.

The structure of electrons also determines the conductivity of a material.

Electrostatic interactions can also form conductors that are strong, but these can also be unstable.

These properties are called properties of electrostatic interaction, and are used to make battery electrodes.

Electron energy is the electricity that flows from one electrode to the next, and is made from the electrons flowing through a material called borate.

The process of creating borate is relatively simple.

Electrons can be made in a reaction with borine or other borates, and then an electrode can be added to create a solid state of borate called bromine.

Electronegativity, or how much an electron’s charge changes when it’s in a different material, can also affect the electrical behavior of the material.

Electrons can also have a magnetic property.

The magnetic properties of an electron are determined by the amount of bromide or borate present in it.

Electrolumines, for example, have a very low magnetic charge, and can be generated in the reaction with two borate-containing compounds.

These properties are what make borate-based batteries useful for use in electric vehicles because they are very good at absorbing some of the energy from the car.

The Electronenergy battery’s structure is also unique.

The company claims that a material made from borate will have a “very high electron conductivity.”

The technology used to produce Electronergy’s batteries is not yet fully developed, but it does have a number of advantages.

It is possible to use boride-containing electrodes in battery cells, and in doing so, create a material with the properties that the company has been developing for years.

ElectrEnergy also has a patent pending on a technology that allows for a liquid electrolyte to be mixed into a battery to make a liquid state of electrolytes.

The technology is also currently being studied for use as a fuel in batteries.

Electrologists are also working on ways to make batteries more efficient by adding more electronic components to the electrodes.

The patent application says that Electron’s batteries will be able “to discharge rapidly

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