Electron Domain Geometry is Coming to the iPhone 8S, 8S Plus, and 8S Max

September 19, 2018 | By Evan S. Miller, Fortune Editor | 1 CommentRead MoreAbout this article:Read moreApple is making a move to make the iPhone even more appealing to a younger crowd by introducing a new type of photo-sharing app called Electron that’s going to go on sale in September.

Electron will allow users to upload photos of themselves, or their friends, and it’ll be a photo-hosting app.

Electrons features a camera that can capture a range of 360-degree photos that can then be shared and edited.

Users can upload their photos and use the app to send them directly to friends.

Electrically powered and super-fast, the app will offer users a “magical way to capture moments” that will be “perfect for moments that last longer than a couple of minutes.”

The app is already available in the App Store, but Apple is not announcing a price yet.

Electromagnetic Photo Sharing is a type of wireless photo sharing app that is not currently available to iPhone users.

Electron’s creators say that their app is built on a unique “magic lens” that captures 360-degrees of photos and allows users to edit and share them.

The company says that its photos are more accurate than traditional photo-editing apps and have “greater spatial resolution.”

Users will also be able to share their photos with other Electron users and their friends.

Apple is hoping to attract a new generation of users by offering a photo sharing feature that will appeal to a more younger audience.

Electronic photo sharing apps have also been available for iOS devices for a while now, but they have typically only been available to those who purchased an iPhone with a camera, or have had a camera-based smartphone.

Electro photo sharing will also allow users of the iPhone to use the camera as an alternative to their smartphones cameras.

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