Car electronics companies pay CEOs millions of dollars to secure corporate endorsement

Car electronics giant General Motors and Apple are among the largest employers of top executives in America, according to a new report from the Campaign for Accountability.

The report, titled “Carpetbagger: The Highest Paid CEOs in America,” found that CEOs from GM, Apple, and Intel received $7.6 million in compensation between 2007 and 2016.

According to the report, General Motors CEO Mary Barra and Apple CEO Tim Cook earned $7 million and $7,500, respectively.

In addition to the $7 billion that General Motors, Apple and Intel each made in 2016, they also made $3.2 billion in total compensation in the previous fiscal year, the report said. 

The study was conducted by the Campaign and the National Center for Public Policy Research.

The Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign contributions, has previously analyzed the compensation of presidential candidates and their top campaign bundlers. 

According to the Center for Numbers and Information Management, the median annual income of CEOs is about $160,000, compared with $80,000 for workers who are directly paid. 

Campaign for Accountability has previously criticized the Obama administration’s policies that limit campaign donations and require disclosure of corporate donations. 

In a statement, Campaign for Action spokesperson Scott Bixby said, “This report shows just how egregious the Obama campaign’s corporate cronyism has become.

The Obama campaign has consistently spent millions of taxpayer dollars and ignored the needs of American workers.

This report shows how the Obama crony campaign is working to take corporate money away from American workers and put it into the pockets of corporate executives and special interests.” 

The Campaign also noted that the highest paid CEO in the United States is Ford CEO Mark Fields, who received $1.5 million in 2015. 

“These CEOs have spent billions of dollars supporting the Obama and Clinton campaigns, but they still get a massive kickback,” said Campaign for Policy spokesperson Matt Kremen. 

This article was updated at 3:21 p.m. to include the Center’s analysis of General Motors’ annual compensation and Apple’s annual compensation for 2016.

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