‘Boring’ Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 with Linux—and what to expect in the future

Windows 8, released in August, is the first Windows 8 operating system to be released to the public.

With the new operating system, Microsoft is aiming to address the problems of many users and users who are new to the operating system.

It is also aiming to build on the Windows experience of users who have already used it, and improve it for new users.

In a recent interview, Microsoft’s chief product officer, Mike Ybarra, said the company has an internal “planning cycle” for the release of Windows 8 which is designed to address problems that have cropped up in the past.

“The plan is for the next 10 years to be focused on new features and new capabilities that will make the operating systems more secure, more powerful, more user-friendly, more stable, more flexible, more fun, more efficient, more productive,” he said.

This means Windows 8 will not only be a “huge upgrade” for users, but will also offer “significant improvements in terms of usability, performance, stability, security, and overall experience.”

Microsoft is looking to address some of these problems by moving to a new platform, called Windows Server, that will run on ARM chips.

The company has also announced that the company will be “taking advantage of the ARM architecture to develop next-generation applications that are designed for the new ARM architecture.”

In other words, this is a big change in the operating environment.

While the first release of Microsoft’s next-gen operating system is a significant upgrade from Windows 7, there are still a lot of bugs to work out.

This is why the company is trying to get to the bottom of these issues in order to get the operating platform ready for a wider audience.

Ybarrra went on to say that the next version of Windows will include “a lot of new features that are not available today.”

He also noted that the team is working on new improvements to the Windows 8 UI that will improve the user experience.

“We are taking advantage of a new generation of hardware, the ARM processor architecture, to deliver new experiences for the Windows platform that are focused on security and reliability,” he explained.

“And we are also looking to make some of those experiences even more robust for developers.”

For now, Ybarrakas comments about the new Windows 8 are not exactly reassuring.

We have heard a lot about problems with Windows 8 from users, developers, and security researchers, but how can you trust Microsoft if it has no plans to fix any of the issues?

If you are not a Windows user, you can expect the next-version of Windows to be more of the same.

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