A new electronic keyboard could help you keep your fingers away from the keyboard

This week, Newsweek is running a special article on how to use an electronic keyboard to stay away from a computer keyboard.

It’s a big topic.

Many of us like to keep our hands off the keyboard.

When we do so, we often forget to click the keys or scroll through the pages.

This is especially true when we have to interact with other people.

You can try to avoid doing this by holding your keys steady while reading the words on a keyboard.

The keystroke you use is not as important as the way you hold your keys, says Dr. Matthew B. Hirschfeld, a professor of computer science and engineering at Purdue University.

He and his colleagues have developed a new device called a keyboard that is able to detect when your fingers are near the keyboard, which then changes your grip so that you don’t have to move your fingers at all.

You still have to type and click, but you can also flick a key.

The keyboard can also act as a key switch, so you can change the type of letter you type without actually moving your finger to the key, says Burt P. Anderson, a Ph.

D. candidate in the Hirschfield lab.

In addition to this new keyboard, he says, he and his research team have developed an improved version of a mouse that can detect the distance between your fingers.

They are also developing a new type of computer mouse that works much better with touch.

They call it the Touch Mouse, and it’s based on a small chip that runs on batteries.

It has the same size and shape as a finger, and is about the size of a thumbnail.

The new Touch Mouse has a screen that’s larger than a thumbnail and can control three different functions: typing, scrolling and adjusting the mouse cursor.

The Touch Mouse can also detect when you’re in a text field and switch to another screen that can be used by another user.

The researchers say the Touch, like other keyboards, can be modified to make it easier to use, and they plan to sell the device and the sensors that it uses.

The idea is that a keyboard could be a device that could be used to help us communicate and interact with computers and other devices, says Anderson.

And they also want to make sure that people don’t get lost on a computer or lose track of where they are while typing.

The device is also very small.

It can be worn on the palm of your hand or worn on your wrist.

It measures about 5 inches by 5 inches, and can fit into a pocket.

It is a good keyboard for those who like to be more in touch with computers, Anderson says.

It works on your fingertip and is easy to type.

It uses batteries that are about twice as long as the current rechargeable batteries for most keyboards, and costs about $10.

It won’t replace your own laptop or desktop computer, but it will be a great tool for a person who is using it for more than a few minutes at a time.

If you’re thinking about buying one, you might want to consider this alternative.

You should also check out our review of the Apple keyboard.

If a keyboard is what you’re looking for, here are some other options: The Apple Keyboard is available for purchase from a number of online retailers including Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.